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Spending a few free days discovering or revisiting another city is always something special. Entering a club you’ve heard too many good stories about, checking out the actual store catalogue of an infamous record label, eating local cuisines, walking through a whole new landscape with different buildings, roads and names,  transport, culture and history. Returning home with a nostalgic bag of stickers, tote bags, records, photos and memories. Of course, visiting a new city can also be a hit and miss when it comes to deciding the best places to go to that would surely fit your tastes. Not sure if Lonely Planet has an “underground clubs” section under their ‘Nightlife’ chapter. And since insider tips from someone local are always better than any travel guide, MEOKO decided to ask DJs and producers about the ins and outs, their most treasured spots and hidden gems of the city they call home. This year, for our MEOKO Sounds of the City, some of our favourite spots have been Berlin, Paris, Tenerife and Mexico’s Guadalajara: 


Sounds of the City: Berlin with Sander Baan

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We can see why originally Dutch Sander Baan calls Berlin his home. A regular at Club der Visionaere and founder of Rotate Berlin, Sander talks Spacehall, Berghain, and the freedom and creativity that defines the city. 


Sounds of the City: Paris with Molly 

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Active member of Parisian nightlife from Communications to DJing, Molly is one of the reasons why Paris is burning right now! Resident of Rex Club, Molly’s tips include Concrete on a Saturday night, La Fee Verte (The Green Fairy) for a dose of absinthe, autumn in the Katapult boat, and explains Parisians’ grumpy reputation. 


Sounds of the City: Tenerife with Hanfry Martinez 

10656632 10204757244642096 411255798 n-1Hanfry Martinez from Lola Ed expresses his love for the sea as his favourite sound of the city in his home town, Tenerife of the Canary Islands, along with the electornic sounds in Beach Club where he holds his bimonthly residency. He paints a picture of a city by the sea, with its sunny weather, beach side bars and hidden coves. A perfect getaway from any grim weather. 


Sounds of the City: Guadalajara with Hector

 Hector Guadalajara

Now here’s a city that doesn’t appear too often in RA listings… Hector gives us some fun facts about his Guadalajara in Mexico. We did not know that… 

Guadalajara is close to the town of Tequila, seafood tastes better from the Pacific Ocean, “Vatos” means “mate” or “bro” in gangster slang and that Carl Craig played at local favourite underground club, Bar Americas, which by the way, gives free entry every night! 

Keep your eyes peeled for some more city sights and sounds in the new year… Happy Holidays from MEOKO!