Mike Huckaby, a music maker, story teller, teaser and pleaser, manages to capture some true spirit with his uplifting, vibrant, deep and compelling record selection that makes his authentic mix stand out. Moving swiftly and with great ease through those rhythmic arrangements and melodic and soothing chords characteristic for Detroit House, the gripping ride relies on seductive, bumping basslines which serve as a unique transport vehicle through midnightly episodes just as well as giving the perfect backdrop for Sunday afternoon chills: Any late homecomers will appreciate the gentle moods, instrumental solos, uplifting strings, lose jazzy flavours and swinging percussions that generate feelings of mellowness and ease of mind. To not get carried away by its serene energy is almost impossible at this stage, especially as the mixing is somewhat raw and tangible. Deeply in love with its warmth, this Meoko episode is one to cherish.

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