We often hear talking about how the European scene has been rapidly caught by the ro-minimal sound but how is America adapting to this movement? Miami-based Lulla is surely one of the leading acts to this new wave of producers. He has established himself release after release, seeing his tracks played on the biggest stage by the likes of Priku, Raresh, Janeret, Triptil, Vlad Arapasu, Nu Zau, Bernat, Cosmjn and Ted Amber to name a few. His trippy and cosmic vibes, certainly unusual for what is the American reality, are also shared through his successful Cedesciu Wax label which has released tracks by Robert Apetrei, Sonohat, Macarie and Lulla, confirming himself as one of the most interesting names in the US panorama.


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  • How’s the scene in Miami?

We actually have quite a good selection of events and venues that curate a minimal aesthetic, we have a very interesting scene that goes back many years with events like the Winter Music Conference every March; its easy to see names from all over the world concentrated here for a few weeks!


  • Best parties in Miami?

The Un_Mute collective does a great job at bringing quality artists year-round, we are quite lucky to have such a well-curated selection of artists on a weekly basis. just last December we had artists like Ion Ludwig, Suciu, Sit, Sepp, and Varhat to name a few.



  • Tell us about this mix, which artists have you played in?

I started by selecting tracks that I’m really enjoying at the moment while also keeping in mind a continuous flow of energy so it’s pleasant to hear as an entire piece over showcasing songs or productions, the mix is structured with a peak hour selection for the first half then a gradual outro/sunrise curation. I played songs from artists like Sandro KhuneJuliche HernandezCharlie Banks to name a few, also featuring a special outro by the legendary Brian Eno.


  • You also own Cedesciu Wax label. Tell us how’s the label came to your mind and what are some exclusive anticipations for the future.

I had conceptualized the label in sometime in 2015 but it was not until I met the right people in 2018 and had a clear idea of the sound I wanted to promote that the label actually came to life; we currently are focused on showcasing specifically new artists from all over the world while leaving the remix duties to heavyweights creating a nice connection between new and established artists. Our future catalogue is quite exciting, for the next release we have a new artist from Argentina named Szyszko and the record will feature Nu Zau and triptil, this will be available during late summer of this year. Future releases will include names like Vlad Arapasu, myself and a few talented friends.




  • Who’s the producer you would like to collaborate the most? And why?

The great Thomas Melchior! He’s been a constant figure in the underground scene with a really impressive body of work and organic sounds.



  • You have Italian origins. Tell us your fav Italian dish and fav Italian DJ (pasta and pizza are not allowed… too easy!)

Ok, this is easy! Focaccia with onions… ALOT of onions haha – “insert disgusted Italian interviewer face here” – favourite Italian DJ probably would be Viceversa at the moment.


  • Do you have any final thanks/shoutout?

Big thank you to all my supporters and colleagues who helped me and made all this possible!




Words by Francesco Quieti