A true talent when it comes to delivering emotional, deep, and peaceful rides, Parisian artist Molly finally joins our mix series. It will be right these vibes to mark Molly’s return behind the decks in June for the upcoming Paradise City Festival in Perk, Belgium, where she will share the booth and her energy for three days of stunning experience alongside local talents and famous names like Kerri Chandler, Sonja Moonear, Margaret Dygas, Sweely, Francesco Del Garda, DJ Tennis, Mountain People, and many others.

Even more, ahead of her 3rd appearance at Paradise City Festival, we also had the pleasure to catch up with Molly to talk about her past, present & future.

  1. Hey Molly, thank you for taking the time to catch up with us. Tell us about where you are right now, as we know you are always on the go, and what you’ve been up to?

Hello, the Meoko team. Right now, I’m in my studio, at home, (in Corsica), working on some music and slowly getting ready for the baby to come (I’m 8 month ½  pregnant ! )

  1. In July, you’ll be back behind the decks at Paradise City Festival in Belgium for the third time, alongside a killer lineup. What are the festival’s highlights from your perspective?

It will be my first gig for the past 6 months as I had to stop playing due to my pregnancy so the entire festival will be the highlights: the location, the behind and all the artists invited 🙂


  1. Can you share with us any (exclusive) story from the past two years that you played at the festival? Anything goes, perhaps something that caught your attention or something funny that happened during the festival.

There was only last year’s edition (due to the covid). what I remember is that  I had to play my live set, which I don’t often do … I was so stressed!!! Friends came during the set to say hi but I was so focused on it that I could not see anybody… I was completely petrified 🙂 you could see it on my face … The only thing I wanted was to run away and hide myself … And in the end, it went well, even if I’m always super critical about myself…

  1. This year’s lineup, in my opinion, is absolutely bombastic. Which artists are you most excited to see/hear?

The list is long 🙂 the festival lineup is great, as usual!!! as it will be my « come back » gig, I think I will spend the festival going from one stage to another to see all the show I can ! I will need to dance for sure 🙂

  1. What do you believe makes a good DJ, and do you have any advice for those who are just starting out?

Be passionate, believe in yourself and in what you do !

  1. During the lockdown, you enrolled in a Coach Professional course and just graduated; congrats! Tell us more about it, what prompted you to take the course, what it actually involves, and what are your next steps on this route?

Well, it was actually in 2020 🙂 but when the first lockdown came, it was the time to sit down and think about ourselves. A big introspection time for all of us. I always feed myself with new skills, I love learning. But this time, as everything was on standby, it was the time to take some serious courses.

Becoming a professional coach is a long process that helps you to learn a lot about yourself before being able to coach anybody. And this is something I needed. We all need to look into ourselves and change some old mechanisms that hold us back. Coaching someone is helping the person to make the right decisions in any subject of life, and pushing the person to go out her/his comfort zone.

I’m having a big project here in Corsica, I’m opening a Hotel and these coaching skills will definitely help me to manage the team but also to deal with the customers. And of course, I can coach anybody who is in the need of it 🙂

  1. How do you take care of your mental health while leading such a busy lifestyle, and how do you look after yourself in general?

This is one of the reasons why I moved to Corsica. I needed to be in a quiet and peaceful place, close the nature and the sea. it’s a paradise there.

I also do lots of sports and I meditate quite often. I know it sounds « cliché » but this lifestyle really works for me and makes me feel really good.

  1. Your MEOKO Podcast with tINI was a recording from Rex club. How did you first meet tINI? Have you got anything planned together?

We met when she invited me playing at her « tINI & the Gang » party in Ibiza, some years ago. Since then we became friends. Nothing is planned at the moment as I was off gigs for a while but let’s see when I’ll be back in the game. 🙂


  1. Do you have any plans for RDV this year? Who can we expect to see on the label?

The next release will be a release of myself, with some remixes …

And for the other releases, we’ll see:) I have a few artists who are on the list and working on some music Let’s see what will come, I never do long-term plans.

  1. What are the qualities you seek for in artists and music while operating as an A&R for your label?

I will say that I’m attached to artists who have the same music & life perspectives as I have. The music has to talk to me for sure, this is the other main point.

  1. What are your thoughts about being a woman in this male-dominated industry? Have you ever experienced unequal behavior because you are a woman, or vice versa?

No never, all the men I met during my career were always kind … And there are so many women now in the industry!!  I think it’s « male-dominated » anymore. Even on the promoter’s side, there are more and more women organizing and managing clubs & festivals.

  1. In France, the house scene, as well as dance music in general, is huge. You don’t have to look far to find outstanding events. Can you tell us how the culture has influenced your sound?

I got mainly influenced by all those years spent at the REX. I was working there, in the office, doing the Communication and then the A&R. For sure, listening to all those great artists had a big influence on my sound.

  1. Your everlasting love affair with house and techno began on a trip to London, when you had your first taste of club music. Can you take us back in time and tell us what happened during this trip to London, as well as the clubs and parties you have been to at the time?

I was going every Monday to the club called « The Edge ». Monday night was the party of Erol Alkan. He always had guests, playing some rock and electro music. Also, the Saturday night was a good one, I remember listening to Yvan Smagghe, Layo & Bushwacka , James Murphy, etc … it was my introduction and my first love with electronic music 🙂

  1. You used to do PR for Rex Club. What an incredible opportunity to observe a different aspect of the industry. Is there anything you learned from this that you’ve used for you as a DJ and artist?

I have learned a lot from this 🙂 I have more learned about « what a DJ doesn’t have to do » than what you should do 🙂 Unfortunately, success sometimes affects too fast the mind of people. Something that I always say:  « never forget where you came from »

  1. How has your year been going so far, and what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

This year is really special for me. Besides my pregnancy, I have been focusing on the hotel I’m building here with my man. We should open it for the summer. A super nice and chill hotel, by the sea, with some yoga classes and retreats, a music studio to host artists for residencies, some art exhibitions etc … It’s a big project which will keep me busy for the upcoming months but I will still continue to tour, something I love and also I’ll have to finish my album, another big project 🙂

  • Lastly a special thanks for the recording. We are really happy to welcome you to the series. How would you describe the mix? What should our readers expect from the podcast?

Thanks for having me in this series. the mix starts with a very deep atmosphere, as I love playing deep but I try to rise up the energy until the end, with some groovy happy house tunes, a preview of the summer vibe:) I hope you’ll enjoy it!!!



Words by Monika Zander


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