Monika Ross moved from her native Sydney to London in 2008, leaving behind the city that shaped her artistically. In the year 2000, Monika first dived into the electronic music universe, exploring house and techno’s deeper ends in the intricate corners of Australia’s capital’s scene. During her time as intimate party DJ she got offered a slot at a Radio show called Frequency on FBI’s Friday night electronic show, which then led her to expose her innovative style and approach to electronic music boosted by her fresh personality and taste to a broader audience. After her move to London, she boldly immersed herself in the East London scene, discovering a magnetic culture fuelled by ambitious artists and labels. Heavily inspired, she would start to become crafty as a producer, getting her first music out on Uberbeat Records whilst also collaborating with Anthony Constance on Serialism Records, as well as landing her first residency at Melt Music London. Her style, generally described as deep, percussive and diverse, is reflected in its fragments in her mix for MEOKO, which is lead by minimal funkyness and depth-field exploration.

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