Purple Print rounds off 2021 in pure class and finesse with Bisharat and his “Perspective” EP, which comes packed with two minimal groovy versions by Doubthingthomas and Dudley Strangeway.

After hitting the stores with two sold-out successful releases earlier this year, the enigmatic label and event series returns for its last shot of 2021, which comes from Chicago-based up&coming producer Bisharat and his “Perspective” EP.
Open proceedings, titled “It All” offers knotty breakbeat drum patterns and low industrial textures that perfectly collide with a sensual female vocal sample and almost-meditative pads. As soon that the track progresses, the groove is slowly enriched, and this goes hand in hand with some new part of the vocal, which slowly is turning into an intimate and intense invocation.

Nottingham’s Dudley Strangeway is in charge of the remix of the main track, and the Leftback Records boss goes mental (as he likes to remember on his Soundcloud bio: “Playing repetitive music to people in dark rooms!”) with a dub and rolling version. His remix of “It All” overlooks the emotional aspect of the original, focusing on a tight groove, bouncy bass, and a lively swarm of twisted sounds. Here, the vocal has lost all its energy and drama, making itself bearer of cold, desolate lands.

On the flip, “Perspective” is an 8+ minutes slow club burner, where dusty atmospheres find extra delayed piano notes and hip-hop vocals, walking alone on its ride thanks to little wise breaks and slight groove changes.

B2 is in charge of a veteran of the groove Doubtinghomas, who puts his own elastic and fluctuating touch on the synths and the vocals, making everything detach from the ground. A fuzzy lead populates the breakdown alongside extra stretched vocal parts, right before the track drops again in spectacular fashion without forcing, letting the listener (or the dancer) happily discover each new second.


Words by Francesco Queti

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