Birmingham-based collective of Dubøka has made a name for himself over the last couple of years, gathering together the ro-minimal enthusiasts and giving life to crazy parties inviting Arapu, Mihai Pol, Gescu, and SIT among local talents. They’re now throwing their very first vinyl-only release EP which comes from the hands of young talented BRYZ and, as the title suggests, is dedicated to their home town, with the talented Romanian bringing three of his trademark groovy productions.

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Kickin’ off with the main track “Digbeth”, BRYZ opts for some low-rumbling waves surrounded by echoing gloomy synths and neat groove elements, as the prominent clap sharply divides the beat, scattered with diverse hats and subtle rides. The track gets filled with each passing second with ethnic Balkan-ish sounds, splashes of a gnarly bassline, and some female vocal chops, altogether making of this one a filthy wiggly number.

Thus, “Slow Down” is another groovy tool, yet again featuring sinister strings, and nasty percussive elements to which are added bubbling plucks, delicate tribal percussions, and a powerful low-pitched vocal that almost carries the track from start to finish, marking the entire flow like a mysterious godly voice from the otherworldly space.

“Railway Valley” closes the package with a 7+ minute ride within which pressing hats beat incessantly on a dense blanket of visceral sounds and thick drum patterns, occasionally interrupted by sparks of electric guitar, a shortstop before boarding on BRYZ’s train again.


Words by Francesco Quieti