Italy’s RE.FACE Records continues to deliver fantastic music reaching the 7th release, which is brought to you by Cerec. The young Argentian talent, after having inaugurated both The Senss and Unic vinyl-experiences, debuts on RE.FACE with “Moving Visual Things”. He perfectly follows the path of the label, continuing the journey started with previous releases by Vern, Ted Amber, Fabrizio Maurizi, Peshka, Vincentiulian, Nektar Agu and Petar Milicevic. The EP features three deep ‘n raw deep minimal originals which are already played and support by Arapu, Giuliano Lomonte, Gescu, Sepp, Cally, Prichindel, Viceversa and more others.


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“Brisa” opens with a funky and jackin’ bassline that winds below the entire track. The light groove is dominated by crisp claps and delicious snare drums, making of this one a bouncy roller. Some early Tale Of Us” synths appear in the mid-section of the arrangement, giving an extra twist to the track.



On the flip, “Recuerdo” goes moody with dark textures, sinister synths and dreamy pads that float above a super fat bassline, driving drums with SCI-FI details that bring real charm to the track. 


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Closing the EP is “Laguna”, which is also the track we have chosen to premiere. This one is a truly compelling deep house track that over its 7+ minutes ride, is a real ballad of love. Here, everything’s delicate and composed: from the tiny hi-hats to the shakers, each element is exactly in the right place, giving you, despite some stretched and resampled nervous atmospheres an absolute sense of peace, not allowing existing excuses to stand beside the wall. Just close your eyes and dance like nobody is watching.



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Words by Francesco Quieti