The eleventh issue from the Spanish outlet underyourseat is a 4-track EP signed by the Canarian talent C.E.S.M aka Cristian Santana, for a first-time appearance on the groove-driven label.

Starting off, “After Coffee” is one classic roller with one tight bassline written over a sharp kick pattern, a moving selection of sizzly hats, and a playful conga sequence, all brought to a groovy feeling with some delicious synth stabs.

Then comes “Intergalactic” with its dreamy pads going all over the place. Intertwined acid bass phrases are also on the menu, making for a seemingly alien-ish number.

“Ocelot” is up next. With a heightening feel to it, it is through a fast-skipping drum sequence, rich in percussive elements, that the up & down melodies wander. As its name depicts, this one is elegant and fast just like its feline inspiration.

“Signs From Space” wraps up the release. A breeze like intro, soft as ever, drives through a marching kick pattern and crunchy snare. Drifting through the atmosphere, the number carries on, diving into a melody performed through a gorgeous mixture of an acid bassline and flawless flute-play.
The EP is now available on the label’s Bandcamp page and after going through the whole EP, it would only be wise to add it to your selection.


Words by Ramy Ounis


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