Straight from the other side of the world, the Conspiracy Music crew joins the always longer list of proactive and vibrant Australian solid realities. The Sidney-based label reaches the 15th release from the hands of the figureheads Elijah Something and Nate S.U, to which are added European talents Ben Balance and Josh Baker, which respectively provide a version of the two originals. 




Long time collaborators Elijah and Nate are specialists in up-tempo house with a tasteful electro flavour and hints of 90s rave-reminiscent melody. From hosting their own 1000 person+ parties with the Conspiracy Crew to hitting festival main stages like Lost Paradise in Sydney, Your Paradise in Fiji and 121 Festival in New Zealand, Elijah and Nate’s sound is thoroughly in demand in the Southern Hemisphere. Now the boys are ready to take it to the next level with their latest EP together: Electrode. It’s their first combined EP on Conspiracy since the label’s very first release three years ago.



Title track “Electrode” is a fuzzy banger. Aggressive and harsh drums are kept together by a lively layer of rampant synths, whilst melodic and harmonic elements nervously alternate in a swingy dance. The low-end area is dominated by the combination of a twisted bassline and a hefty 303 acid arp. Pitched effects and filter sweeps are wisely arranged to raise and release the tension, just like an electrode would do, until reaching the epic peak time drop. Hands in the air ensured.




The thing gets funkier with second original, “Provocation“. Here too, there’s a powerful fusion of an acid bassline and jackin’ sub-bass, both helping on keep the groove up. The thick groove patterns progress fast and syncopated, with tiny harmonic elements restricted to the maximum, almost shotted as lethal bullets. 


Up next is the young talented Josh Baker (Tamango Records / META) who makes of the original a percussive monster, rising the heat with a naughty bassline, clean drum patterns and sinister pads. On his version of “Provocation“, Josh uses only a few parts from the original, keeping the acid lines alive and adding his typical dribbled percussions for a more straight forward house piece. Drums are fattened and dried out, being tighter on the beat and more prominent. That bold techy attitude is Josh’s favourite colour, and also ours.



The second remix comes from BE9 affiliate and Sukhumvit head-honcho Ben Balance, who’s also half of the Ho Do Ri duo with Fabe. He provides a joyful version of “Electrode“, featuring swingy drums that hit with enthusiasm. Electro synths are thin and shiny, exasperating the retro imprint of the original also thanks to the numerous old-school cowbells, shuffling hats and warped digitalized shots. Once all the elements are playing, we are completely lost in a rich texture of synthetic sounds and drums.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi