RUTA5 next vinyl is something of epic proportions, as label-head Dandy Jack joins forces with Lescale Recordings boss Ramona Yacef, welcoming the one and only Ricardo Villalobos on the remix duties. The label founded by Sonja Moonear and Dandy Jack is known for having completely revolutionized any boundaries and categories over the years, fusing hip-swinging Latin rhythms with more rigid electronic North-European vibes. Yet again, it remains true to its sound, with the rich, varied, eclectic, yet playable Ep called “Labambola”.

The whole record is dedicated to their children and families, an act of love and passion in such a tough, challenging, and particular period. The cover designed by Martin Uribe also includes a poem written by Federico Schopf, Dandy Jack’s father, sharing a message of hope.

“The Gay From Ipanema” offers punchy kicks and a funky marching bassline, delicious congas, and sharp hats, later revealing joyful and lively analog synths and granular effects throughout. The track is accompanied by the ethereal chants of Tamar Kerdikoshvili, telling a prayer in Georgian written by Galaktion Tabidze, one of the most influential Georgian poets of the XX century, which gives an ethnic touch to the piece.

A2 “Labambola” explores more electronic scenarios with boomy bass drums and pressing bass arpeggios. An echoing female vocal sample – courtesy of Ramona Yacef herself – leads us to a techno, trippy, and hypnotic breakdown populated by a simple yet effective melody, ready to disappear at the signal.

On the flip, that’s to be expected, Ricardo Villalobos takes the lead, providing a long-play version of “Labambola”. The result is one of his mental, fast-forwarding break jams, where you cannot focus on a single element. His remix features cavernous low-end waves, modular trippy sounds, reworking Ramona Yacef’s vocal chops from the originals all together into a ‘swirling Villalobos’ trademark composition.


You can get your LABAMBOLA EP here.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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