All the way from London, Italian David Agrella takes the lead for the second release on his own homonymous Agrellomatica Records providing three quality originals that range from romantic retro-house vibes to more futuristic and mental electro patterns.

Opener “Electric Nostalgia” provides some retro-house feels mixed with shiny analog breakbeat drum patterns (coming from the Roland machines which he thanks on the B-side artwork). The title fits perfectly with the overall mood, and as the track progresses, short stabs open up, making their appearance in the breakdown, remaining there for the whole length.


On the flip, David opts for a more rigid 4/4 groove upon which the mighty bass literally slaps itself. Resonating gnarly synths appear from both sides of the spectrum, while fluffy light arpeggios gentle rise from above, making “Robot Romance” a dreamy and versatile progressive-ish club tool.

Rounding out the package is “Fallin”, which immediately displays its harshness from the very first seconds. The track goes hard and direct with no frills, staking everything on repartee of two basslines – a massive sub and a squeaky acid-esque – that brings the track from start to finish, accompanied by an unexpected congas and toms percussive game. The tension goes up as the tune moves forward, in a crescendo of emotions and sounds that sure will make the “Transition” (check out his track “Third Floor” to understand fully).

Words by Francesco Quetti

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