Jugaar Records might be the first Pakistan label that reaches our ears, but if the quality is so high from the beginning, please gives us more! Taking care of the label’s second release is Thai DJ and producer DOTT. You might have seen him recently dropping filthy retro-house vibes on labels from the likes of BodyParts, More Rice, Keepitgoing, and Habits RAW, fusing spacey sounds, steady drum patterns and bulbous bassline with a pinch of old school flavour. His “Puppy Luv” EP is no exception and comes packed with a remix by US legend himself Titonton Duvante.

A1 “What Am I Gonna Do” opens proceedings with a tight 909 game along with housy string and deep, emotional pads. As soon as the track progresses, the scene gets populated by gently saturated synths, releasing notes of nostalgia. The acid line on the breakbeat is just icy on the cake, making this one an A-grade dancefloor vibrator. Following, “Spacey Mango” sticks to its name, with DOTT providing hefty outerspace synths that open and close throughout the track. The muddy acid bassline will try to lock you down on the dancefloor, while you will be surrounded by curious arcade creatures from other galaxies.

On the flip, “Puppy Luv” truly leaves a sign. Dusty lofi poignant synths give way to slippery sounds and modular bleeps to rise from underneath, later appearing again into a waving crescendo. Rounding out the package, Ohio-based veteran Titonton Duvante‘s take of “Puppy Love” brings some Phil Weeks‘ MPC shuffling experience, enriching the original with a deep, and raw old school house feeling. That’s true luv!

Words by Francesco Quieti

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