After their inaugural stand out first release from minimal maestro, CHKLTE, UK Label Moonfruit Records, returns with further innovative output. Their second EP is another unique trip from Real Gang‘s Miller new alias, Dracula. Three dance floor dynamic cuts all telling their own tale as the talented producer brings some fresh energy. All exploring uncharted territory and a new universe of textures you may not recognize from him.

This eccentric and entertaining EP welcomes us with “November 1992” which begins with mysterious vocals that slowly seduce us with its acidic, distorted, hypnotic and repetitive sound. The elements have a very coherent communication between them, generating a timeless and captivating atmosphere, which puts whoever is listening into the room. His groove is stable and constant with a gloomy energy that makes us want more.

This is how we got to the second piece “Amsterdam the Great”. This track comes for everything! Once we crossed the threshold that gestates “November 1992”, we enter a zone of party and movement, with a lot of attitude. The rhythm is very active. It has an impressive bass line and is impossible not to accompany it with the body. All this game between the elements of the track are contained by some vintage sounds, with a scratch that gives it that extra energy.

This is how we are finding the outcome of this proposal full of sounds and diverse spaces. “Dynamic Demon” is a piece where the journey begins to be much more introspective, a return to the centre of being. With great movement and fluidity, the synthesis and pads generate a channel that leads the viewer back, ready for another adventure.


Words by Pilar Molinero


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