Recent-born label VRNT continues its mission to bring the rigid microhouse rhythms into the vast Canadian lands. To do that, the label calls into play a real expert of the game, Dragutesku, who supplies three harsh originals for the label’s second vinyl output.

The Bucharest-based DJ, producer, and sound engineer, who was in charge of the remix duties alongside Roger Gerresen on the first release earlier last year, is responsible for many dried-out gloomy minimal jams that often time find their pinch of lunacy thanks to catchy piano riffs and ethereal vocals. He’s also the man behind the DRGS vinyl-only limited series that provide, release by release, two-sided unique after-hours weapons that have been blasting on many DJs sets over the last five years or so.

A1 “Extaz” features a warm and embracing bassline that moves up and down with a little bit of funkiness while a dusty groove beat gently slaps on it. All around, analogue pads arise, and a gentle female vocal sample gives an extra dose of lightness to the piece.

Just as “Emergent” kicks in, things change immediately. The mood turns upside down, leaving room for chirps, clankers, and all sort of sinister sound to “emerge”, in fact. This one is hard and direct and brings the essence of the harshest Rominimal affair: something Mihigh would be proud of.

On the flipside, “Venus” floats on its own, establishing equilibrium throughout the EP, mediating the vibes from the very different tunes on the A-side. After another spooky long intro, the atmosphere slowly opens up, revealing a meditative-bouncy mood. The track is enriched by mouthed French talk and soft piano notes that contribute to making the whole piece more elegant and delicate.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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