Ecuadorian label WAPM Records presents its second digital release on Bandcamp. We Are Play Music promotes electronic music through digital platforms, focusing on high-quality minimal and microhouse music and giving space to both affirmed artists and newcomers from all over the world to express their sound on their podcast series.
Their second digital EP comes from Moldavian DJ, producer, and label owner Dubfound with the entitled “Gate” EP, packed with a groovy remix by Russian Matpri.

The first original is the one that gives the EP its name. The entire track is marked with a fat clap that never leaves the beat, further enhancing the gloomy atmosphere that reigns from the very beginning. Curious sounds and frequencies come together, as well as ethereal youthful vocals that appear and disappear in multiple directions, confusing the listener that however manages to stay on the relentless 4/4 beat.
Up next, “Open Last” is a true mind game between seduction and manipulation. The composition is led by minimalist sounds that communicate coherently with each other. While the mind naively surrenders to the vocals and crisp textures as hidden thoughts, the body gets slowly conquered by mellow deep house chords, a sensual bassline, and delicate rhythmic percussions. By the time we want to become conscious, we are captivated and immersed in this hypnotic mood.

Rounding off the EP, Matpri’s interpretation features a different rhythm, as the Russian groover goes with doubled kickdrum, here sounding quite muffled compared to his usual robust sounds. This, leads him to play with the original vocals, here chopped and delayed, as well as metallic textures and shuffling hats. Like the original, this one also maintains energy without many variations during its development; it does that by incorporating a low-slapped bass and adding extra drums and percussions, all together for a dynamic and playful groove.

Words by Pilar Monero & Francesco Quieti


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