Eagervision Records is releasing its 3rd EP in analog format. De-A Rasu Plansu, is a project that features three original mixes by Constratti & a remix by Silat Beksi.

Constratti is an artist to watch out for! One with warm sounds and smooth grooves. Being schooled by the Romanian underground scene itself, he comes before us with the sound of the elite Romanian dance floors.

We have been following Constratti for a long time and we felt there is something unique we can do together along with a remix of Silat.”


On the first side of the album we find the track that bears the name of the EP. This one, like his remix, contains a very powerful accent with a rare self-assurance. The body of the song is built on a solid percussion base. The game between the percussion and the atmosphere, generates a hypnotic loop that completely envelops you, allowing the journey to develop a more introspective and profound sound. The seduction between the bass line and the melodies, make up the core of all the rhythms, generating an inevitable reaction of movement.

In the Silat Beksi remix, you can appreciate and perceive the essence of the original, how it adapts to its intention and personality, with a clear definition of its own sound and style. It has a smoother flow and uses elements that are less organic, more spatial – even timeless. The subtlety in the composition  allows a more delicate atmosphere to be generated, with a conductive thread that carries the conversation between the instruments in a very sustained way.

When turning the wax, we are welcomed with a colorful rhythm and fresher frequencies. “Parallax”, the second original track, is built on a lighter plane, as we perceive  elements of an intangible space with great clarity. The bass line plays an essential role, containing the energy of the entire musical structure and keeping it in balance throughout the creative composition.

The latest production of this Ep – Cloud 9 is ultimately the outcome of a very coherent musical proposal. There is a combination of resources that give the feeling of a return and the balance of an experience. The combination of kick and bass decants the symbiotic energy that reproduces between the synthes and the pads, achieving harmony between all the sounds and reaching a collective end.

Eagervision developed a strong intention as a label, releasing records  that stand out and touch people’s soul in many ways.  They seek to recover, what for them was the authentic essence of music. They develop EPs as they develop albums and add a true  and complete artistic direction in each of the branches that integrates art.


Early support from Arapu, Janeret, Sepp, Miroloja, Vincent Iulian, Archie Hamilton & more. De-a Rasu Plansu is now available on pre-oder here.


Words by Pilar Molinero


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