Botanic Minds’ fifth release is an all-star Romanian game, as the ever-popular label welcomes back Floog for “Pale Dot” EP.

Started over four years ago by Ted Amber, the Botanic Minds saga has slowly gotten the deserved attention thanks to meticulously crafted and wisely-picked tracks plus extraordinary care of the details, starting with enigmatic and catchy artworks. Over the years, the label has affirmed itself as one of the microhouse and minimal’s leaders, crafting anthem after anthem and making clubs and festivals move along delicate silky grooves from the likes of Lizz, Cosmjn, Sepp, and Barut to name a few. All this happened on both the main label and the Sunset Series, boomed with the 7th release, which is focused on the Artist Unknown formula.

For “Pale Dot” EP, studio wizard Floog kicks things off in style with the homonymous track which offers easy-to-dance-to drum patterns and blissful analog elements that populate the track for a catchy warm-up tool. “4ramses 3” is completely different, presenting rigid and edgy grooves with a vocoderized sample that boosts the tension up alongside subtle piano notes. At its peak, the climax gets released with a sequenced synth to take the listener back on track.

On the flip, “Further Bonanza” relies on lazy arps, waving hi-hats and dry snares that will make you sway in search of a destination on the dancefloor, whilst B2 “Alvarag” ruthlessly closes the package sounding like an unstoppable ancient prophecy that will soon be unleashed upon you, no matter what you do. Distant heavenly choirs roam around the break, helping to increase a sort of divine mood, while a bold low-end does the rest, making this one your next afterhours weapon.

Words by: Francesco Quieti


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