Saint & Dont‘s fifth vinyl-only release is about to drop, wrapping all the essentials that have made the label a point of reference in the South American scene. Titled “El Cielo En La Tierra” EP sees the return of label-boss He Did, who provides two rich, intriguing tracks backed up by two classy remixes by Romanian favourites Vinyl Speed Adjust and Lizz, each of which puts his hands on one of the originals.

Kickin’ off with “A Donde Vamos”, the Peruvian artist delivers a rolling piece that perfectly reflects the title track, providing a long-play groover filled with mighty celestial choirs, skipping hats, detailed textures, and a bouncy low-end area. Drying up the things, Vinyl Speed Adjust delves deep into the original, only relying on a couple of delayed drum patterns that mentally repeat themselves, wandering into the sound’s cosmos. The final result is a moody breakbeat number that does of the repetition its strength, slowly adding little elements from time to time, giving new life to his remix.

On the flip, “Un Enemigo” moves along with its seductive bassline and crystal-clear detailed textures. For this one, He Did plays around with overprocessed vocal and ambiguos atmospheres for another essential warm-up tool, leaving Lizz the task of closing the EP in style. His version of “Un Enemigo” is indeed a lovely minimal jam given by Lizz’s typical 4/4 tight drums, slick percussions, and ever-changing elements throughout the track.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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