Microhouse aficionado He Did debuts on Tied with the moody 4-tracker “Junto Al Cielo” EP . The Chicago-based label has welcomed some fine groovers over the last couple of years, including Archie Hamilton, Martinez, Chad Andrew, and Pheek to name a few.

Having previous releases on imprints like Archipel, Rockets Audio, ukiyo, and of course his own Saint & Don’t (co-managed with Kike Mayor), Peruvian DJ and Producer Ricardo Rueda aka He Did, is responsible for some intricated groovy patterns over the last couple of years and his tracks have been supported by Argenis Brito, Arapu, Crihan, Cally, Yaya, Lizz, and Franco Cinelli among others

His productions are deeply influenced by the late 10’s minimal dub vibes and the current Romanian sound, to which he adds a touch of ancestral spirituality often time given by curious ethnic percussions.

Opening “Junto Al Cielo” winds between spooky subtle voices, ethereal pads, and a cavernous low-end, whilst a tight groove quite-rapidly struts and seldom interrupts. The mood is dark and gloomy, and the strong ever-changing open hats sound like a punishment on the dancefloor.

Romanian producer Rhadow steps up on the remix duties with a chunky minimal take on the main track. His version of “Junto Al Cielo” is nothing but a super easy-to-dance-to dancefloor opening tool with graceful hi toms, essential but rich drums and a pinch of the original’s inner magic.

Up next “Otro Camino” returns to more grim vibes, with sinister atmospheres and organic sounds that populate the track throughout, barely leaving to a delicate and bearer of hope lead the chance to emerge. Closing “Dos Paredes” is dominated by a male vocal sample that gets more mental second by second. As the track progresses, the hypnosis and complete, and the Lima-based artist has nothing left to do but play with drum variations to keep us dancing at his mercy.


Words by: Francesco Quieti


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