Miami’s electronic finest Imbue return to their own vibrant self-titled label for the sixth chapter of what has now become a fixture for anyone who likes to experience rolling fat minimal beats alongside charming electric guitar slaps. After their first release back in 2017, the eclectic trio has rapidly got the attention that deserved gaining support and recognition from lots of heavyweights. Despite the Ocean that separate them from the old continent, their sound perfectly fits with the European and Romanian trend, leading them to release on labels such as TELUM, Retrospect, and Rare Gems.

Their latest output’s titled “Bloom” is yet again a breath of fresh air, as the trio unveils seven tracks that summarize all their influences, giving off an enjoyable trip down the East Coast. The result sounds like a fairy-tale (never an artwork has been more on point) that took place during the late decades of the 20th century.

A1’s “Channel” starts the ball rolling with a captivating intro where deep horns find poignant guitar tears from the above, creating a bit of drama right before “Field” kicks in. Concept and impetuosity, precision and passion. Again, it’s the electric guitar to be mistress, this time joined by tight piano notes, deep choirs, and catchy breakbeat drum patterns. In this childish and delicate environment, imagination rules supreme. Next up, “Trace” goes funky and a little tribalistic, as the trio opts for some extra bongos and congas to enrich their typical groove. The track features a tangle of arpeggiators that move together in harmony without taking over each other and giving way to all the other elements to shine throughout. A4 “All My Own” is a modern ode to joy where all the elements are glued together into a relaxed pace, giving the listener that funky beach vibe, where a bit ticker groove locks you in the loop and late summer breeze does the rest.

On the flip, “Take Time” unexpectedly goes into more tense areas, making gurgle massive liquid basslines from underneath into an overall acid-esque mood, with distant vocals that add an extra sense of suspense partly mitigated by the ever-present electric guitar.

Don’t worry, we immediately go back to more laidback moves as the EP unfolds into “By Your Side” (featuring Jaques Love), a slow and funky inspired jam that spreads romantic vibes all over the place, leaving to “Watchtower” the duty of rounding off this incredible journey. Compared to the others, this one goes pretty fast, and the pace gets extra movement thanks to doubled tiny hats that barely touch the ground, whilst a gnarly bassline and woody lean kick drums define the low-end area above which glowing electric guitar rides fly towards the sky.

Words by: Francesco Quieti


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