Inspired by the most known secret agent of our time, the newborn label License To Kill is preparing to make you dance with all the class and finesse that made James Bond famous. Guy’s in charge of the mission is label-head j03l, who’s not afraid to dive into rumbling and menacing rhythms, enriched by a majestic remix by Doubtinthomas.

The iconic swirl pressed on the A-side of the EP perfectly reflects the visceral dried out grooves of the first track, “Inglasias”. The opener slowly heats the dancefloor with tiny seductive hi-hats that add to the longstanding ones. The punchy kick drum and the gloomy clap do the rest, setting the tempo for a quality warm-up tool. Next, “Sweet As” squeezes granular groove elements and noisy bleeps into a marching, minimal bopper. 

French groove maestro Doubtinthomas opens the B-side with a liquid-ish, shuffling version of “Sweet As”. His remix brings the original vocal to the next level, adding a “Spektre” touch of mystery to the entire piece, all surrounded by delightful synths and modular atmospheres. Titled “Holy Motors” rounds things off with its pressing bassline and wide breakbeat drums that make the track float from the dancefloor before descending fast aboard a black, shiny Aston Martin.

Words by Francesco Quieti

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