Coming from a distinctive and multifaceted Hamburg’s band Wareika, where Jakob Seidensticker was controlling MPC arrangements, drum machine sequencing and mixing, contributing to a delivery of a unique fusion of Jazz, Dub, Techno and House exquisite in the electronic music scene, first time in 10 years Jakob comes out to light from the crater of lockdown with his solo EP. Jacob is appraised for his work in Perlon, Minibar, Mule Musiq, Pleasure Zone and We R The Aliens, and on the 21st of May Feuilleton Music welcomes an arrival of Jakob’s 12’’ vinyl comprising of three spirited tracks.

The first tune ‘Where is Lass?’ does not delay crafting an elevated mood and encapsulates minimal house with a complex palette embodying nifty twists and unleashing a beguiling energy and passion from the first seconds of the track, further developing into a chest-thumping kick drum which would embellish any vibrant dancefloor.

‘To the right’ begins by echoing pokes which develops into rhythmic spectral chimes, organic percussions and unearthly melodies that grasp the attention with a charming buildout and provides a competent and refined groove throughout the length of the track.

The last track on the EP ‘After We’re All Gone’ rounds up the recipe of this tasteful release with a potent and breezy apogee incorporating earthy vocals contrasting the sparkling analogic stabs which magically assemble the sounds and flourish the track into a hypnotic splash of astonishing theme.

The EP narrates the story of a fluid vibrant structure and provides a solid foundation of eclectic minimal sound constellation by crafting out a vivid blueprint in artist’s creations. Jakob takes a listener along on a dynamic and infectious expedition to the realms of minimal macrocosm that will be a solid gem on the reopening dance floors.


Pre-sale: 21st of May, 2021

Release: 11th June 2021


Worldwide distribution via wordandsound.




Words by Aiste Peciulyte