Spaniards Jay Nortown and Jacobo Saavedra join forces one more time under their JNJS alias for another chapter of what is going to be more than a simple collaboration in the future. SVDR2 features two fresh originals from the duo plus two remixes by rising talents Direkt and Chklte.

As one might expect, “Black Cowboy” provides some far-west vibes, with a gentle guitar sample giving some sunset feels. The tight microhousy groove rushes, still allowing little details to appear in the mix, as it happens to a mysterious vocal.

Romanian finest groover Direkt’s – who recently was invited on our mix series – on the main track starts right from the vocal, here gets pitched down or twisted out, ready to welcome his meticulously crafted grooves for an exciting sonic experience.

On the flip, “Walking Blue” is an absolutely irresistible 128 bpm groover. Your hips and shoulders will never stop bouncing to a funky fat bassline, to which are added breakbeat moments, party-starter snares, and a desire to dance that seems to exude.

Lastly, Miami-based Chklte, who has literally been on a roll over the last two years (Meoko podcast), puts his hands on “Walking Blue”, pulling out one of his moody and booming remixes. A bulbous bassline knocks from the floor, slowing down on the breakdown along with all the other elements. A technique that is not new for the Vatos Locos associate, who’s able to get another vibrant tool out of the hat.


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Words by Francesco Quieti


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