Representing Gran Canaria, Javier Carballo arrives from the future under his Look Perry moniker. He does it with “The Future” EP (for the first time) to be his own underyourseat brand and label, which in the past have seen releases from the likes of Priku, Matt Star and NY City’s Amo.

The “Paradise mix” grumbles from underneath, as a bulbous bassline melts itself on a rigid 909 groove, letting itself later be reached by acid squeezes and spacey pads.

Next, the “Vision mix” digs down since the beginning, with a harsh groove and delayed bells that sound like some signal from a wandering space station. Here, the acid line gets more value in the first part, constantly evolving with interests as it also happens for the rest of the tracks.

“Jumper” moves faster than the others and offers some more house feels with a delicate lead that carries the track on a couple of occasions, while the low end keeps grinding.

The DJ Jes remix truly smells real, and he brings us back into the past (or the future). His version of “Future Paradise” offers an exquisite and elegant deep house groover that, however, still maintains a link with the rest of the tracks thanks to another wise arrangement.


Words by Francesco Quieti

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