After their very successful first release, which got support from the likes of Priku and Gescu to name a few, Madrid-based Bohrium Records brings into play the young French producer Lukea who had nothing but a big 2020 after being recognized for his multi-millionaire viewed Nelly Furtado’s edit on Youtube. This release also sees Midas Touch’s boss Macarie on the remix duties: make way for the young!

The EP kicks off with “A Pierdut Noaptea”, and the Romanian title gives a nod to the current rominimal style that has inspired Lukea. A simple but rugged groove moves tight and effectively, evolving into an elastic tune with gentle plucks layered over heavenly chords and a mesmerizing guitar riff that will capture the listener’s mind and spirit.

Thus, “Aurorae” features a darker mood with echoing stabs, eerie sounds, and Steve O’ Sullivan-esque dub chords. Hidden in the shadows, twisted atmospheres and little vocal chops lead the track to another beautiful breakdown skillfully handled with sublime notes from a distant piano.

On the flip, “Zirconiu”, which also gives the name to the EP, is a robust driving tool sustained by rolling drums and dreamy keys. The 8-minute ride is guided from start to finish by an ever-changing bulbous bassline that perfectly fits with the massive sub-bass and the SCI-FI arpeggio.

Rounding out the package, Romanian youngster Macarie delivers one of his typical heady yet bouncy affairs that stimulates the senses intensely, with a highly infectious bassline, trippy FX, little organic percussions, and eerie sounds from outer space.

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Words by Francesco Quieti