Romanian wonderkid Macarie is next on Vlad Arapasu‘s label KONTENT. It was indeed the boss himself who got the ball rolling earlier last year with three massive originals on the first EP. Now, he leaves the throne to his fellow-Romanian colleague Macarie using the exact same winning formula, as the young talent delivers three compelling original tracks, a deep dive in the new tendencies of the minimal house spectrum.


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Opener “Perry” features shiny synth lines that run smoothly on the tight beat. Long organic strings are in interplay with more shotted harmonic stabs, creating a suggestive “ups and down” mood. The rich groove structure is in constant motion and literally sticks in the listener’s head, while high pitched FXs hover in the upper part of the track with spacey hits, making the entire piece dynamic and enthralling.

Thus, “Low Pawz” really turns to be a natural consequence of the first piece. Here, things get tripped, as the kick breaks its regular pace, breaking into a wavy motion. Since the first minute, to the first kind of low-arp synthesizer, a new high-tone spacy synthesizer peeps out, revealing a skilful creative process by Macarie. The endless rotation, given by the constant repartee between these two ever-changing elements, manages to take the listener in a timeless space – considering that the slapping groove is pretty simple – allowing Macarie to create a lively harmonic development.


B1’s “Papa Nicolau” is the darkest of the EP, resonating in the vast desolate lands suggested by the war-horns like a rousing call to harms. Cinematic harmonic elements and intense atmospheres wash the mix out over the rigid and swingy drums, suggesting a vague sense of ageing and authority. The heavy bass rumbles on the subs, while the kick hits hard on the upper mids, cutting nicely. Minimal tunnel.

Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi