Macarie‘s label Midas Touch is about to drop another juicy release. The entitled “Microwave” EP comes from the hands of elusive producer Maifaunu who debuts on the label following the previous formula of 001: three originals + one remix, which this time is courtesy of prolific Romanian Cosmjn.



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Opener “Microwave” is a curious tool that sucks you in the loop since the first moment. Processed hip-hop vocal shots are melt together with nervous drums loop, pressing shakers and rhythmic percussions, remembering, in a way, some ancient tribal rituals. Dub stab oddly hits, far away, super delayed. The rich sound environment gets lost in the intricated texture of the groove. Almost experimental, it’s easy to lose the main beat and just float in the irregularities of the piece.



Up next, “Order In Chaos” slows the beat down, turning the things emotional with a sort of hidden melody in the interplay of all elements. A melancholic chant that emerges from the complexity of drums and synths. The sound palette is wide and variegated, with Maifaunu showing his skill on crafting incredible puzzles with many different sounds that fit together. Within this expanse of sounds, it’s the snare the pillar of the groove and everything comes back to it, making of it the start and the end of this endless cycle.



B1’s “Son Rise” takes the drum patterns to a whole new level introducing an exquisite ethnic flavour. Congas and percussions melt in a thick, vibrant whole. Some distant female voices in the background create a dark and spiritual atmosphere, in contrast with the acid splashes that barely emerge during the long piece, creating a wavy motion.





Romanian established Cosmjn remixes A1. His version of “Microwave” features a thin kick that cuts nicely in the mix alongside reversed FXs, diverse congas and odd synth stabs, all together bouncing in a void. Proper SW stuff.




 Words by Francesco Quieti and Francesco Zambianchi