Longtime industry insider Jean Pierre is finally ready to unveil the first digital chapter of his newborn Pakate Records, which comes in the form of a 9-tracker VA compilation. Founded earlier last year the label is set to be a mainstay for the house, tech house, and minimal in the future, perfectly representing all the influences that he gathered over his career. This fresh VA compilation is dedicated to the recent Miami Music Week, a place that unites people from all over the world, mixing sounds, ages, and cultures, keeping alive the real house roots. Inside, we find tunes from both established DJs like Guti and Mahony, plus newcomers such as FLETCH (who kicked off the label in 2021 on the vinyl side), Daniel Orpi, and many others.

As we are slowly approaching one of the most awaited summer seasons over the last few years, we naturally feel the need for seductive percussive rhythms, rolling toms, and overall joyful vibes. That’s why we have Guti! The groove veteran does exactly what we know and love him for, providing a long-play congalicious anthem featuring Flor Del Valle called “La Familia”. This track could be looped for hours thanks to all the different elements that populate the scene, starting from Guti‘s typical vocal chops to the sexy hip-swinging percussions that will make your body shake for the very first second.

Up next, Jean Pierre joins forces with his protègè FLETCH for the harsh yet dense club stomper “Tucker”, offering noisy drums, twisted hip-hop samples, and a mighty sub-bassline ready to smash any sound system in a proper gangsta way. Rolling on comes FLETCH’s solo appearance with the laidback sexy groover “Vos”, which rotates around catchy percussive patterns and an eternal Latino vocal loop. Impossible to resist.

Relentless Hungarian groover Reelow could not miss this chance to be part of this VA and so gladly agreed with his “Homegrown NYC 2022”, a clear resume of his passion for hip-hop dusty beats and intricated tech-house patterns. “Don’t Talk” comes from the collaboration of Mason Collective’s Blair Suarez + REME and Joseph Edmund, providing some naughty modular sounds and heads down vibes.

Coming up, London-based Daniel Orpi brings back the Latin flavour with “Candy Mouth”, fusing nasty Spanish vocals and funky minimal rolling grooves, as it also happens on “Melaza” by Ramoss & Jey Mellen. On this one, the drums get even wider, pushing even more with extra percussions and droves of snare for the ultimate dancefloor peak time weapon. Closing the compilation is Jean Pierre’s solo track “Bongo Bass”, one of his typical fiery tech house, booming, yet tribalistic jams, ultimately designed for the cosy club moments, while “Montanita” by Mahony rolls all the way through with a bulbous bassline, crystal clear chords, and shuffling 909 drums.


You can get your Vos EP here.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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