Spanish vinyl-only label MO-OB has dropped another stellar VA, featuring quality cuts from TERMS (aka Javier Carballo), MO-OB, stevn.aint.leavn and Akyra.




MO-OB 003 opens with a nervous jam called “Happy Nightmare”, where the FM stab insists on the ethereal pattern and cavernous sub-bass flows underneath, ready to blow your head in the darker rooms. Breakbeat feelings and airy pads give a kind of high-tech touch, until some cinematic chords kick in, breaking the loop and elevating us to the next level of consciousness.


Up next, “0003” kicks the things off with a well-balanced breakbeat pattern of steady drums and delayed vocal chops. The sick bassline immediately takes us back to the 80s and we’re grooving hard with this one. It spins continuously, wobbling and hitting. Sweet stabby sounds and glassy FXs do the rest and our head can’t stop banging to the beat.


On the flip, Berlin’s very own stevn.aint.leavn brings the funky bass we were all waiting for. The groove catches the listener instantly. Mysterious voices from the darkest fantasies come out and catchy sinister chords keep on dancing in a loop of two. Icy synths and delicious hats fill the last gaps to deliver a hard minimal and house banger. Sounds are dry, we can feel all the edges of them, we can almost count them. Nothing more than what is needed.


Rounding out the package is the entitled “Galaxy999” by the Italian groover Akyra, who chooses to close this record by insisting on the main percussive stab. This one is a true head-blower and makes us feel in the club, right in front of the DJ. It features evolving drum patterns, glitchy sounds from the spacecraft, housy chords and repetitive stabs, creating a complex signal from outer space and bringing the listener into the loop. The analogue bassline keeps us grounded on the planet Earth, while in the meantime some flanger sounds and tiny little FXs swing all around. When finally the kick gets regular, we realize that we have been dancing for a long time. Big tunnel piece.





Words by Francesco Quieti and Francesco Zambianchi