Thomas Melchior’s new imprint “My King Is Light” keeps on proposing a fine and sharp vision on minimal music dropping its third release to date. It’s time to welcome in MKIL fam the Aussie born and Berlin based producer Klon Dump.

A1 “Paul’s House” kicks start with a rumbling, 90s-feeling bass. Gritty is laid down with simplicity and taste, pace is quick, determined. It’s difficult to stay still. Sonorities remind of the harsher Nolga and Micheal James cuts, with unexpected turns towards concrete and dense sound hits, old-school synth arps and nasty leads. Energy is at the right place,

B1 “Surprise Room” glitches its way through the flipside, taking us for a bouncy ride downtown! Gliding strings moody move in the spectrum, painting fluid lines on Klon’s canvas. Drums are super tight, very definite. Each rhythmic element has its proper crisp. Acid and metallic tastes are next to soothing pads, creating an uplifting contrast. Vocal takes the listener into a completely different dimension, before plunging into the depth again.

No Surprise Room” is the most melancholic jam in the EP, delivering clusters and atmosphere alongside Klon Dump’s signature groove. Scenario is darker, while drum hits go fast on the beat. Minimal groove is intricate, extra polish, extremely curated. The way Klon interrupts the flow by removing ambient pads, leaving the beat alone, is a powerful way of creating more and less dense areas throughout the length of the track. That happens in a very natural way, at the very right time, so that the track unfolds smoothly.

Looking at the bigger picture, “Paul’s House” EP is a very complete work. Klon Dump doesn’t make any secret of his references and inspiration, integrating influences into a very mature and personal style. Skill is apparent in the way everything comes round sweetly, satisfyingly caressing the listener’s brain and body. Composition is wise, achieving complex and notable musical results starting out from simple ideas.

We’re curious to see how MKIL will move further – it is not an easy task – but here at Meoko, we don’t doubt that we just have to wait for the next record!

By Zambianchi

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My King is Light

Thomas Melchior / Melchior Productions

Klon Dump