We are in a world where many of us are constantly rushing on things, often neglecting the care and the attention that everything needs to receive to be at its best. I said many of us because this is definitely not the case for Darem Aissa and his homonymous label Aissa Records that after almost 2 and half years since its first release, now finally drops the second chapter by rising talent Pauli, another one that has work in the shadows for a very long time who will you hear a lot about in the future. The entitled “Solara” EP also sees the legend of Ion Ludwig on the remix duties, giving a further feeling of majesty to the entire release.

Opening the EP in style, title cut “Solara” immediately shows its nature showcasing profound and warm chords above which gentle arpeggiated plucks bubble around, gradually rising in tone and setting a dreamy and cuddling mood, not even remotely disturbed by a simple but effective techy groove.

Up next, “Phase Issue” starts with another lean techy groove backed up by robust sub-bass which, however, reveals a more rascal intent than its predecessor, as sneaky female vocal chops and untamed airy chords rise the tension that is further released in a clean and easy-to-dance-to drop.

On the flip, the bouncy “Flow-Matic” features lovely 808 rhythms over a fat and gnarly bassline which proceeds seamlessly almost for the entire piece. Icy hats, scratchy percussions, and subtle rave-ish synths drive the track till the end for an upbeat slice of dancefloor gold.

Dutch maestro Ion Ludwig steps up on the remix duties with a hypnotic version of “Solara” dominated by poignant piano chords, majestic pads, and an unexpected vocal sample, with the stuttering low end that, unhurried, heads the release to a trippy and enchanted conclusion.


Words by Francesco Quieti