The French duo of Politics Of Dancing seems to be more in strength than ever; by now with a certain frequency, the pair are delivering quality material both on their main Politics Of Dancing Records and sister-“collaborations only label” P.O.D. CROSS. And this time the latter has caught our attention, as they’re about to release the sixth chapter, sharing the wax with men of the moment Okain and Rowlanz.  




A-Side sees the guys bring into play Talman Records‘ label-head Okain. Their collaboration starts with fat drums ready to take us for the ride. A delicate sub-bass hums and shakes, creating the right foundation for the harmonic elements. The main stab is hypnotic and reminds to the Berlin-ish sounds that inspired Okain over the years, keeping us dancing throughout the piece. A lot is happening and the scene changes constantly, opening up and closing sweetly on new scenarios. We are being caressed by the intriguing sound of this track, but the groove is hard and feet can’t stand still, with the vocal sample being the cherry on top. It sounds like this piece doesn’t want to end and definitely doesn’t, staying in your head for days!



On the flip, the going gets tougher with UK Rowlanz (INFUSE) who joins forces with the P.O.D. guys for track 2. The glidy and raw bassline keeps the groove up and never rests, while beautiful harmonic stabs and lush pads introduce extra feelings in this dubby banger. The drums are tight and sting the hear with sharpness but despite this the piece breaths in and out liquidly, following rotative percussions. As soon the open hat kicks in, it’s totally hands up-head down vibes, with more mysterious vocal glitches fill up the bottom. When the track is about to end, it gets dry, and we can finally appreciate the neverending texture, a panoramic view of our emotional space. 




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi