EWax resident and Berlin-based Revivis steps up for his first outing on the German label. Over the last year, the British producer’s output has been just incredible, raising the quality level release by release. After appearances on We_R House and Talman, he delivers “Slung” EP, which also sees another Berliner, Nick Beringer, on the remix duties. 




Title track “Slung” gets straight to the point from the very first kick drum, showing Revivis‘ usual approach into a perfect melt between classic house and modern, minimal sounds. Bass is fat and liquid, with French male whispers that give a very lo-fi mood to the whole piece. Housy pad opens up gently, enlighting the scene and making the track breath. It is reduced from time to time to a low hum, but when the filter opens up again, it slowly fills up the piece with soul, contrasting the noisy drums move fast for a powerful dub shake. Despite the few elements in there, the track is immersive and goes on by itself, neverending.



Up next, Rubisco label-head Nick Beringer offers a more minimal and tighter interpretation of the main original track. The whole groove, starting from the hi-hat is shorter and lighter and everything is more swingy and dried-out, with wise processing creating the necessary variations. The vocal part is now in front, acquiring importance, whilst the bass is very thick and groovy, with short notes riding the kick and the FM pad sounds metallic, almost as slowed down bell hit. The drums, alongside the subtle acid line, are relegated in a small room, while pad and vocal lay in a wider space, creating two separate grounds that never collide. While the track walks, it gets weirder and more complex, changing chords, exploring jazzy progressions, standing out for its constant movement. 



On the flip, “Chicago Trippin” perfectly captures an old-school flavour with the classic 303 acid vibe. Who doesn’t love acid? The massive sub-bass noisily flows underneath, sharing his space with a gangsta-inspired bassline. There’s a lovely back-and-forth between the vocal sample and the main stab, in a crescendo that never stops making your feet move, as the track keeps on getting more and more crowded till the break. Tiny synths are zapping around and stabs are looped in short repetitive patterns, nervously crossing each other. Hard bouncy feeling and headbanging guaranteed.


Rounding out the package, “We Go” combines breakbeat patterns with lo-fi old-school sounds. Some classic house stabs meet a deep and soothing bassline, echoing the elastic behaviour of both kick and drums. When the arabesque arp kicks in we are catapulted in timeless space, with short lead sounds lift the heavy groove with a touch of sweetness. For the second drop, extra-drums are added, layering below the initial groove. Again, the stab doesn’t rest and keeps hitting, mental. 






Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi