Romanian imprint Unfelde Records boss Robert David serves up his latest offering with ‘Love Manifesto EP.’ Known for his rolling house tracks which has seen him release earlier productions on the likes of; Capodopere, Whoyostro, Tzinah, Baile Musik and many more over the years.

His latest release kicks off with title track ‘Love Manifesto’ which is a deep, dark, rolling affair with tight drums, wobbly b-line intertwined with dreamy pads and keys. This is a sound synonymous with the ‘Romanian’ sound and a great way to kick off proceedings.

One of the standouts’ names over the last couple of years, Macarie serves up his remix of this one. A squelchy bass with well-programmed drums and a trippy vocal takes us on a journey with this one and is sure to fit into your DJ sets just right.

‘Inima’ takes things up a gear with a really nice groovy feel to it. Tight claps, subtle hats, and an infectious lead designed to get you moving work perfectly here. It has a hypnotical rhythm to it and is going straight into our record bag to play as soon as the clubs re-open!

Berlin-based veteran Argenis Brito is on remix duties for this one and takes things even darker with its hypnotic lead line, skippy hats, and growling bass. Think late-night dark room vibes on this one! Overall, this is a really nice package of 4 club-ready cuts that we certainly think you should be getting your hands on.


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Words by Dom Fletcher