Bucharest-based Seism Productions is used to the successfully pure rominimal releases that have collected tracks from the likes of Dragutesku, vlf, Herck, and Pra Jescu among others. EP after EP, now the label reaches its 35th output with “Angels Talking” sees label boss Glitech Pavel joining forces with Hakim, both bringing into this one their respective studio skills.

From the very beginning of the main version, we can appreciate ethereal pads lie down a sharp kick drum, with some glitchy percussions resonating around and majestic bass notes that really hit like a heavyweight slap. Brutally, the groove stops leaving the room for dreamy electronic piano notes to shine, flowing into an ode to the heaven that culminates into a fancy and fairytale drop, perfectly in line with the EP name.

The second track is Pavel’s very own interpretation, and the Romanian wastes no time by keeping some of the glitchy sounds from the original and adding an extra dose of groove with zappy-ish effects, lasers, rumbling toms and low-pitched whispers. All these elements partially remove the dreamy dimension of the original, giving life to a more dancefloor-oriented tool perfect for the early morning hours.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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