Mysterious newborn event series Purple Print starts with a bang with their first release, as they welcome minimal heavyweight SEPP on the label. The Romanian veteran was busier than ever in 2020, and so he still is in 2021, releasing a large number of originals and remixes.

As you can tell by the titles, the whole EP was inspired by the Star Wars saga, and these tracks will put you right into space with captivating rhythmic patterns and heady twisted sounds.

The EP kicks off with “Jakku”, and Sepp shows us the desert planet located in a remote sector of the Western Expanses by relying on a bald groove above which rotates his typical xylophone-ish pluck that gradually starts to evolve, later encountering warped vocal chops and majestic cello strings.

A2 “Mandalorian” goes more into stripped-back areas while remaining deeply influenced by compelling drums and hefty basslines. On this one, the Romanian top-producer plays with deep pads, waiting for more than 4 minutes before revealing an extra hi-hat layer that gives additional energy to the track.

On the flip appears “Batuu” – another planet to the ends of the universe – and Sepp takes us into his spaceship with funky chants that perfectly fit the small breaks throughout the track. This time, the track is characterized by a playful work on the vocals which come together in style with the rest of the melodic elements.

Rounding out the package, “Starkillers” proceeds dispatched into its march to conquer the cosmos, this time thanks to some delicate airy pads, well-dosed vocals, and a balanced percussive intricated game, giving that extra deep twist as every B2 should have.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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