Based between the vibrant cities of London and Ibiza, opens a new chapter with “peoples”, a space and project to share his own music without the need to necessarily fit somewhere. All tracks from the EP are one word, a name that represents someone or a group of people that plays an important role in his life. The digital-only releases of ‘peoples’ will always be ‘not for profit’, and currently he’s donating to the Humane Society – so there’s even another reason to cop your copy of these three brilliant originals.

Kickin’ off with “Heath”, the track recalls some Micheal James-ish patterns, especially when it comes to drum arrangements with fast-skipping hats and tiny percussions with a good dose of swing. The bassline hits hard but keeps the track fluid and enjoyable, while a few melodic elements later populate the track with elegance. 

Next, “Frink” keeps the groove rolling, heading to more electronic territories with a gritty bassline, jerky snares, wavering plucks that sound like a chirping, and mysterious vocals. The EP closes with “Frank”, which stays more dubby and deep thanks to its shiny pads, infectious drums, and a groovy bubbling bassline to round off the release properly.

Words by Francesco Quieti


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