One of the most iconic eyes in the scene reappears from the cloud cover from where it used to observe a multitude of people dancing and dreaming aloud. Marking its return in style after a three-year hiatus is Visionquest‘s Special Editions sublabel, back with a five-tracker EP courtesy of head-honcho Ryan Crosson under his (and originally Foundsound’s Ben Parris) Theoretical Speed alias.

Titled “Going For You” EP wraps up all the usual twisted rhythms to which the label has used us over its shiny career, featuring five mind-bubbling, evocative, and dense dancefloor cuts. All these perfectly reflect the Visionquest-mood on the slow tempo choice, the sounds used, and the always peculiar and never dull arrangements.

The opening cut it’s driven by squishy dubby synths that resonate throughout the track, sliding through bold grooves, tumultuous basslines and echoing textures. Up next, “Plight Of The Time Traveller” sees Crosson joining forces with long-time friend and frequent collaborator Cali Lanauze for a floating piece within which punchy drum patterns and crush overprocessed analog foolish elements.

As the tempo goes down, “Storm King” appears with all its aura of mystery, as sinister keys populate the scene surrounded by foggy pads, gnarly synths, and bubbling low-pulses. Thus “Morningside” proceeds with breakbeat mystic patterns that collide and are tied at various points, making all very simple and elegant yet enigmatic. With “Valley”, Crosson explores more happy territories, propelling himself ever further to the skies with playful synths and deep gentle sonorities and providing an exquisite opening tool. Did you have any doubts?


Words by Francesco Quieti


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