A musical sorcerer from Canada and the founder of VRNT label, Topology comes out with an enchanting debut EP that comprises two captivating original tracks and two entrancing remixes by Dragutesku and Roger Gerressen. In mathematics, topology concerns twisting, stretching and crumpling geometric objects, whereas Topology validates this notion in musical realms by skillfully carving out spherical miscellaneous sounds and bringing aces to the table by this fantastic deviant release.

First track ‘Halah’ turns on the starship’s motor by delivering a daringly mysterious yet sparkling track that paints a solid introductory picture of the cosmic EP and makes you feel like you’re gliding into the unearthly horizons which are however comforting.

Prolific Romanian DJ & producer Dragutesku’s remix adds an energetic extra-dry layer onto the track accompanied by dissonant dark piano notes and enhanced eerie vocals that delight the ear and capture attention of the head which initiates nodding without a consent.


The second half of the EP unfolds and ‘Kazu’ delivers a harder and faster beat with a skinny minimalistic groove that perfectly reflects the ghostly dimension of the track within which spooky female vocals freely wander aimlessly, whispering refined spells to the ear.

Roger Gerressen infuses ‘Kazu’ with a groovy pattern and an atmospheric cherry on the top of a fantastic release. Dreamy, nostalgic notes are enhanced by heavier thumps and faster pulse, which complete the package of an EP which would enrich any record collection.

This release gleamingly carves out a pathway through the gloomy beguiled forests where the witches mutter their charms in the shadows. We’re definitely charmed.


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Words by Aiste Peciulyte


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