UNCANNY is Juliche Hernandez‘s newborn label that makes clear from the very start that it’s got the fire in the game. After successful releases on labels such as Downhill Music, MadTech, hedZup, PIV and Audionik to name a few, the Spanish producer has decided to create his own space – locked up between two index fingers – to share his idea of house music. UNC001 is courtesy of UK fabric resident Tommy Vercetti who marks the debut EP with 2 rousing house originals followed by 2 Djebali remixes and another version by PIV-head Prunk.




“In The Groove” is all about the bass, rolling and powerful directly on the floor. Vercetti’s style funky stabs get the track bouncing while silky vocal from Florence Bird gently creates the proper mood. Drums lay on the piece solid, never coming out of the mix too much, in perfect balance. Plucky sounds on top are crystal-clear and remember us of some synth-poppish vibes we really dig. That playful melt of old and new is what got us to discover Vercetti in the first place. This one is an assured “hands in the air” dancefloor anthem as it spreads the positive vibes all over the place; we’re only waiting for this situation to be over to smile at our friends when the kick drops again.



PIV head-honcho Prunk remix slows down and gets sexier, introducing more percussive elements, congas and a deeper kick. The vocal is pitched down, sounding smooth and lush. While the track goes with its not-too-gentle pace, liquid pads flow on the sides, forming a classy atmospheric layer. This remix confirms Prunk as a master in making this mellow-kind of pieces and that’s not disappointing: we’re headbanging from start to end.



Up next is “Under The Sun”, the second original from Vercetti who this time delivers a more modern feeling roller. His trademark stab remains the main act, and it dances, moving and slapping with joy. Drums are thick and the hats sound like perfection, not too sharp, sandy; all the ingredients are dosed at the right point. The dubby and deep bass finds its moment on the second drop, alone with the delicious percussions, hitting hard on our feet and breast. Old school housy string lifts us up for the break until we dive back in the groove. 




Closing the EP is not one, but two remixes from Parisian groover Djebali, who serves two versions of  “Under The Sun”.


The DEA mix is a real club banger, with the main synth driving deep and moving across the pan, never settled. The atmospheres turn out to be strangely mysterious and dark, infusing a sinister mood to this version. Some subtle acid arps whisper in the ears, shaking along with the hats, while the analogue sounding bass gives that grain on the bottom with the kick. Its sequence is pressing, tight on the groove and really pushes the track endlessly.


On his other version, Djebali brings back some classic housy Apollonia-vibes by removing extra-elements, keeping only what is strictly necessary. The groove is bare and essential and the massive bass cuts really well in the track and creates that sucking feeling. Glitchy percs play in the background with high-pitched synths, while on the break, the DEEP mix takes a sharp turn and kicks in with a new synth with a plot twist. But no worries, the groove is just around the corner and we’re soon back to it for the last dance.




Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi