Slowly unfolding from the hot city of Madrid, minimal-house homebase Bohrium Records opens the door to a new sister label called “Bohrium White”, which aimed to keep the main imprint’s vibe without too many chats, just focusing on the music.

Taking care of the first release is the ever-popular unknown artist, who surrounds the white label EP with an aura of mystery, fueled by the legends and myths that have come down to us. Supporting the 001 vibes are Romanian favourites Sepp, Nu Zau, and Gescu, among others.

The A-side kicks off with a 909 rolling groove, gnarly arpeggios, and delightful airy plucks reverberated throughout the space. Melodic sounds arise around, accompanying the sub-bass on its journey into space.

On the flip, things get tighter, with a more engaging bassline shaking the entire track from start to finish. Some whispers stomp on the beat from the first second, adding, alongside luscious pads and sci-fi sounds, a pinch of magic to the whole piece. Yet again, the breakdown provides fairytale vibes, perfectly matching the regular 4/4 structure. The EP closes by descending into deeper scenarios, as the last original offers an elegant interplay of distant and delayed arpeggios, poignant synths, and minimalistic drum patterns.


You can get your copy here.


Words by Francesco Quieti


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