Committed to the challenge of finding a formula for minimal sound, Unknown Series presents their new EP – BattleShip. They began to set an example to value the passion for music, educating without names, simply filling themselves with a need to express something out of range, beyond this world. The mysterious part is that the Unknown Series crew will unveil the names behind the Unknown artists after a while, so make sure to keep an eye on these names.

This episode features two original mixes by two different Unknown Artists and plus a remix by Romanian veteran Sepp. Together they create a very attractive harmony, although individually their personalities are quite different. In the original version of “Battleship”, a passive and introspective atmosphere leads to a harmonious ecosystem thanks to the push of loving frequencies. The combination of elements generates a warm vibe that gives rhythm to the groove until it leaves us wrapped in a very captivating and sympathetic loop, which is very well accompanied and sustained by the bass’ rhythm.

Romanian sound ambassador Sepp takes a totally different path of his remix, darker and more mental, unlike the original, which is more emotional. You feel a more earthly presence, with sounds that invite you to explore the dance floor by means of heavy drum patterns, bold basslines, and over-processed twisted vocals.

On the other hand, Apollo 33 is the piece that concludes this launch. Unlike the other original and its remix, this one licks directly into the depths of the universe, in an introspective space surrounded by hypnotic loops. The bass line is the tangible, conducting thread that leads the journey.

This is an EP that will know how to earn a place in any set or performance that wants to make a difference.


Words by Pilar Molinero


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