A dive into the abyss is offered by Milanese label Habitat Recordings L.T.D which will guide you in the lowest spot that your body could resist.

After having released absolutely quality tunes that ranged from electro to techno/minimal and experimental ambient, the label – guided by Italian DJ and producer Alessandro Baglioni – offers an exquisite new vinyl-only VA. It’s comprised of three originals coming from Nikolay Raru, Nektar Agu, and Anck Man.

Opening cut “Paradigma” is an intriguing and emotional ambient cut by Nikolay Raru. Warm analogue sounds move around the space waiting for a celestial pad to come over. insufficient, however, to give stability to a piece in constant motion.

Argentinian microhouse talent Nektar Agu kicks off the B-side with a slick minimal gem called “Rocamora”. The title already gives the sinuous movement present on the track. A simple but effective hi-hat and clap deadly combination do everything that needs to be done undisturbed surfing on the powerful low-end section.

Lastly, the mysterious Anck Man, as if he had come out of a comic book, shows us his superpowers with the track “Inner”. Again, no other title could have fit better, as this one dives deep, down under, within. An elegant, murky, measured, bold, minimal tune that truly keeps it simple, relying on classic vocal samples and dusty atmosphere that make the room sexy and the hips shaking. This is the underground.


P.S. The distortion effect on decks.de is highly recommended!


Words by Francesco Quieti


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