After releases by Floog, Silat Beksi, IWOU and Ruven Medici, iO (Mulen)‘s dark and groovy operation-base Winder reaches its fifth chapter with a delicious VA catalogue. WINDER05 is a 2-on-2 battle between Romanians Costin Rp & Faster and Argentinians Franco Motta & Bernat




The kickoff is entrusted to the Romanian team, with Costin Rp mighty “You Me Space”. Plucky lead rolls sweetly and sharp hats arise, fastly hitting on the top of the spectrum. Analog sounding pads and synths make the piece colourful and lively, whilst a retro-sounding synth charmingly clashes with tight drums in a superb contrast. Groove is light but engaging and bouncy, as the powerful upbeat bassline and we can’t stand still while the arps float. Proper party vibes.



“Necomestibil” by Faster goes slower and deeper. The whole mood is bit dusty and lo-fi sounding, and it’s easy to get lost in the harmonic texture. Drums are gentle and thick, not too bright. Track smoothly rolls till the break, where we can finally appreciate the profound bass at its full potential. A slow and poetic pad arises on the drop, laying softly on the groove. Bass is shacking, headbanger opening stuff.


On the flip we Buenos Aires’ very own Bernat who’s back after an incredibly productive 2019. The entitled “Mod” features a headstrong bass with a glidy and dirty tone. The harmonic layer is varied and everchanging, with a hail of tuned percs rolling thin on top of the groove. While noisy FXs sweep the mix, some melodic shots suggest listener a new emotional sense to the whole jam, aided by long-tailed pads and bleak chords.



Closing the EP is Franco Motta’s mental “Finish“. The track reveals is a dirty soul from the beginning, with pitched synths moving up and down uncontrolled. Swingy drums are woody and rigidly keeps the beat. A real-sounding bassline walks on the straight four fourth kick, while acid synths lead waving, coming in and out of the scene. Snare rolls building up, a cool, faded vocal on the background. A subtle vocal whispers the word “Seductive”, and this piece definitely is, with its nervous and clean pace.



 Label owner iO (Mulen)



Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi