Zingiber Audio continues to release incandescent material to celebrate 10 years of activity. Their latest VA vinyl-only compilation features four banging originals from some of the best underground producers of the moment, and the result is just brilliant.

EWax’s captain SY takes the lead with “Got To Be”, and the track hits the hard from the very beginning. Bass proceeds with style and class throughout the track sweetly rolling on top of the pounding kick and the dusty hats. Some fluffy synth stabs make their appearance sporadically, coloring the scene with sparks of light, smooth arps, and hooks. The crisp drums have a crispy feel, lightly slapping in the background. During the break, the magic finally happens, and the track swiftly moves to a much calmer and meditative mood thanks to deep old-school chords. The new scenario allows a vocal to finally cut right into the mix before vanishing once again in the bounce.

A2 is courtesy of Wave Particle Singularity who opts for stripped-back drums and a very airy pad for the core of the track. It’s nice to step into this colorful sonic world that he creates and get lost in the luscious airy vocal. The groove struts restless and full of different elements, creating constant variation and giving lifeblood to the track also thanks to tiny crisp details in the drum patterns.

Frenchman Dustyard is knee-deep into sound and soul. His track “Hydrat” is all about a melancholic feeling of loss and wandering where the mind travels as it gradually unfolds. Sweet organic percussions give a touch of human feel on top of the sequenced drums and sampler chords. The result is a bouncy and profound jam where warm chords gently rotate around the groove, making it flow lush and steady. Small hooks call for attention and move in short, tidy melodies. The structure is very liquid and it’s hard to tell when things start or end in the flow, leaving the listener suspended in an ever-evolving moment.

Rounding out the package, Venice-based Nicola Brusegan brings on his signature minimal touch with a pinch of dreamy deep housy flavor. Titled “Under Beat” is a very atmospheric jam full of movement which is given by constant tremolo on the main synths. The rotation is provided by a gloomy sub-bassline which keeps the overall pace kind of laid back and sexy. The metallic and flangered drums are thick enough to stand out from the rest, making this one a great tune to close a very well-rounded EP.

Words by: Francesco Queiti & Francesco Zambianchi

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