Scious Records, a newborn vinyl-only label launched under DBH Music distribution, kick-off their adventure with an impressive release. Run by Mannheim-based DJ & producer Maria Newyen AKA Maria NY, the label’s inaugural EP already recruits two major artists, with Paul Walter and Thomas Melchior headlining the 12″.

On the A-side, it is none other than the legend himself Thomas Melchior under his Melchior Productions LTD lias stamping his print with “Yeah X3”. Intriguing the ear seamlessly, the track is a drive-through smartly low-pitched humanoid voices, a sinister female chant with an organ melodic phrase. Put on the foundation of a breathing, thumping bassline, the track is brought to a cadence with an elegant -as always- analogue tight drum sequence and ever-changing sharp snares.

On the B-side, Vienna-based Paul Walter’s “Xvive” takes over, with his persistent rhythms, organ hits (yes, twice in the same EP), and intelligent use of minimalistic elements. The track perfectly translates Paul’s approach: an unpredictable journey through countless experimentations, meticulously put together and round-up to arrange a true roller.


Wrapping up the EP on a steady foot, it is safe to say that there is so much to look forward to from this fresh label as the first step is quite a big one with such an important release.



Words by Ramy Ounis



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