Chelsea Hotel Records is back after a 2 years hiatus with a mesmerizing EP by YOUniverse. Launched in 2016 by Italy’s veteran Leon, the vinyl-only label has seen, since the first release, an incredible array of artists joining the line, including Egal 3, Faster, Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie, David Gtronic, Ada Kaleh and Leon himself. The dub-tech gloomy rhythmic patterns, typically used some years ago, were merged with influences of any sort, offering unexpected jazzy riffs or introspective minimal trips. The label’s 9th output is courtesy of the Turin-based duo of YOUniverse, who makes his CHR debut with the three-tracker “Ride” EP.



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Opener “Ride” is a delightful techy-minimal jam with dubby flavour. 909 drums are fat-sounding and tight on the heat, with scratchy percs that create a surgical thickness and well-balanced stereo width. The classic deep stab is omnipresent and grooves smoothly, changing and evolving throughout the piece. Some pads make their appearance in the break, powerfully answer to the main stab, enriching the whole track with a romantic feel. The nervous bass rubbery rolls from start to end. When the drums get pitched high and disappear, the floor under our feet is missing and we’re flying. Sit back, relax, enjoy the Ride.


The acid “Yellow Line” digs deeper, adding more melodic elements and creating a polished interplay. High pitched hooks fill the air with magic, creating a frame for pads and harmonic stabs. Drums are dried out, with straight-forward snare rolls and hats. Since the very first second, the gentle acid line comes in, introducing some motion with the filter sweeping from top to bottom. The lively chords and pads are perfectly matched with the profound sub and make of “Yellow Line” a great dancefloor-oriented tool both in terms of sounds and arrangement, keeping laid back feelings for the sunniest afternoon.





Rounding out the package is the splendid “Stability“. Energy comes from the elegant bassline that gently cuddles the listener over its 7 minutes ride. The synth hits, always there, keeps the tempo. Stab rises and appears super smooth, finding its place in the mix effortlessly. Again, 909 drums are reduced to the essential with an irresistible but simple groove which stays in front while synths go in and out agile. Proper B-side stuff.





Words by Francesco Quieti & Francesco Zambianchi