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The UK double Mark Caramelli and Paul Hargreaves have fused a range of their musical styles and influences together into their Death on the Balcony alias which has seen the duo delve through disco orientated techno and all things deep with an eclectic fall back selection suited for any party atmosphere. In a time where genres combine and cross seamlessly their approach has seen great success of recent and they continue to cause a stir. We joined the Balcony based twosome for a Music Through Pictures session for an insight on their image to music based creativity. How the pictures make them feel and the type of sound they see best fit. Some unrelated pictures accompanied with some tracks. Enjoy.




pic 1


“And they really do care. Lokee is always a proper party.. A family of party people who are there to dance hard and lose it. It is always a pleasure to play the party. The last time we were here we closed a rave under a bridge somewhere in hackney and the only way to access it was via a boat. This just shows their level of commitment to finding those special spaces! 





pic 2


This is a spooky picture, with the ghostly spectre in the forefront seems suitable we connect this equally haunting track from Japan we edited and gave away for free.




Pic 3


A religious construct, complete with a nice balcony we see 😉 if we don’t burn up on entry we would be heading straight for the confessions booth!






“This reminds us of our amazing time in Bogota, Colombia. We went straight of the plane with no sleep to an interview on Colombian Radio followed by the best crepe’s we ever ate! The gig for our friend, Miguel lega was one to remember but perhaps the most memorable is the trip into the favela’s for the afterparty featuring a woman who appeared to have a wooden leg and various other interesting characters. One we will definitely not forget! 







This picture conjures up images of the festival season we just left behind and also looking out of the window now we are into autumn/winter and the change in the seasons!




PIC 6 copy


Them 3 Words! “I Love You!”  






Ahoy there! This track sounds good on a boat! We played a set for Drop the mustard purely of our own material at Hideout festival… this one got a great reaction… ( FYI , track also works on land too 😉 ) 






This one’s easy, “Country Roads”, one of our first release’s on a Japanese label. Even though one of our first records, we still think it’s relevant and playable today.







Is this an explosion? While Speaking on the Subject of explosions we have been told this track is a “bomb” by a few people! 😉




PIC 10


We wish we knew what to say for this one !!



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