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Music Through Pictures is where we attempt to highlight the relationship between art, sound, images and music whilst also getting an insight into the musical minds of some of our favourite DJs and producers…

German born Vera has become extremely influential for the female spectrum of electronic music through her elegant appearances behind the decks. Combining subtelty with solidarity, her music presents an intutive taste with an organic nature. With releases on Peron, Hello? Repeat, Oslo and Half Baked, Vera has become a firm female figure and her ability to move a dancefloor through her own and other artists productions is unparallelled. We caught up with her for our latest Music Through Pictures!



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Sunsets are so peaceful and magical and full of warm cosmic energy. This track of Chateaux Flight feels like this sun: radiating, sizzling, warm, beautiful and energizing.



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This reminds me of a LSD trip, seeing cosmic energy fields, looking at the surrounding world without perceptive filters, the real world, that is just pure energy of vibrating particles. I imagine that world sounding like this:



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Whenever I imagine a sound track for Berlin I think of this:



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I love looking out of the window on a plane while watching the clouds pass by, it relaxes my mind and my soul.



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…What a bomb!



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Looks like summer time… Let’s go swimming!




The Vegetable Orchestra was the first thing that popped into my mind. They play music on vegetables/ instruments made of vegetables



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This image reminds me of the TV series Twin Peaks, which by the way is one of my favorite TV series EVER!




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I’m reminded of my late teenager years, when we used to drive from my home town Heidelberg to Frankfurt to listen to Sven Väth at the Omen.Entering the “big city” by night was a magical feeling. It felt super cool 😀




This image has a dream like, kinda melancholic but beautiful atmosphere subtle, typical surrealist image.I listened Aphex Twins Album “Selected ambient works1985-1992” many times and it always felt very surreal to me.


Vera plays for Square 1 this Friday at Hoxton Gallery, for tickets click here


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